20 Things I’m Thankful for This Year

November 23, 2018

Thanksgiving was yesterday and I had every intention of posting this on Thanksgiving morning but I decided to step away from the computer and my phone for the day. I spent the day with my family and had some great quality time with them. I’ll be honest and say this was the best Thanksgiving I’ve had in a long time. Sometimes life gets so stressful and chaotic that you don’t really count your blessings very often. I also know that the holidays can be really rough for some people and trust me when I say, I understand. Although, if you let go of the negative for just one second, I’m sure you can find plenty of things that you’re thankful for.

Things that I’m Thankful For: 

  1. Having a roof over my head.
  2. Air to breathe. 
  3. Having a family to spend Thanksgiving with.
  4. I am healthy.
  5. My mom is healthy and still cancer free!
  6. All 6 of my sisters.
  7. I have food on my plate.
  8. I have amazing friends who I can always turn to.
  9. Coffee, of course.
  10. Laughing. It’s an amazing feeling.
  11. My past relationships/friendships. They were lessons learned. 
  12. My ability to stay positive.
  13. My thick hair even though it drives me insane.
  14. Music to listen to whenever I’m sad or happy.
  15. Makeup. 
  16. Animals. I will be getting a puppy soon! 
  17. My cute little Christmas tree.
  18. My blog & doing what I love. 
  19. Social media. I’ve made so many great internet friends!
  20. You. Thank you for reading this. ♥

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for? 


Amanda Burnett

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  1. Loved this! Stepping away for a bit was a good idea. I’m thankful for a bunch of things on your list but way too many to list!

  2. This was such a lovely read. Early congratulations on the puppy, girl!! That is amazing! I’m thankful for coffee too! It’s wonderful you took your past relationships / friendships and were able to see the good that came out of them. 🙂

    Geraldine |

  3. this is such a sweet post, i did a post like this on my page as well. it’s so important to take a moment and remember all we have to be thankful for. so glad your mom is still cancer free. hoping next year i can say the same for my brother xx

    mich /

  4. Adorable! Whenever people say, “Wow, your hair is sooo thick, how do you do it?!” I just say it’s better than the alternative of having really thing hair! I even have an undercut too but my hair is still relentless. Happy holidays x

    Rachel ||

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