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May 12, 2019

Hello, lovelies. Today, I am officially 22 years old! I was originally going to do a “22 Things I’ve Learned in 22 Years” post but I wanted to do something a little bit more creative and fun. For my birthday last year, I did do a 21 Things I’ve Learned In 21 Years post if you’d like to check that out.

I came across a blog post from Believe In Bumble and was inspired! She did an “A to Z of Me” and I think that’s such a fun way for readers to get to know you better. She is a great blogger so I definitely suggest checking out her lifestyle blog. ♥︎

About Me: From A to Z

Animal Lover – I am a huge animal lover. Domestic and wild. They are all precious to me. Also, who else has a complete meltdown when an animal dies in a movie? Heartbroken for days!

Blogging – Starting my blog is the best decision I’ve made. It’s my favorite way to spend my time. This blog has become my baby and I love watching it grow.

Creative – I’m very creative and have been ever since I was young.

Dreamer -I am your typical daydreamer turning her dreams into reality.

Empathetic – I’m very sensitive when it comes to other’s emotions.

Foodie – I love food. Ask me what my favorite food is and I just can’t come up with one. Okay, maybe comfort food. I also love trying new foods and recipes.

Goals – I love making goals. Whether it’s for the week, month or year, goals have become an important part of my life. I would be a mess without having goals to complete.

Hearts – Hearts are my favorite symbol. I used to just doodle hearts all over a piece of paper and now I use hearts as bullet points, overuse heart emojis, and incorporate a heart wherever I can. ♥︎

Introvert – I’ve never been somebody who’s been super outgoing or needed a lot of people to be around. I’m quiet and find comfort in being by myself.

Jammies – When I don’t have anywhere to go, you can find me at home in my jammies! I honestly think I have more pajamas than regular clothes. Comfort is my thing.

Karma – I’m somebody who believes in karma. Good and bad.

Laughter – Laughter is the best medicine and my favorite way to cure a bad day.

Makeup – When I was 5 years old, my mom always found me digging through her makeup. I was fascinated about it all. I’m now 22 years old and have a huge makeup collection. Safe to say I was always makeup obsessed.

Nature Lover – I love going on walks and discovering new places to explore. I would often go to my grandpas house when I was younger which is on 40 acres of woods and I believe that’s where my love for nature first started.

Optimistic – One of my strongest traits about my self is how optimistic I am. I’m always looking for the bright side of every situation.

Purple – Purple is my favorite color. To be more specific, a dark eggplant purple and a soft lilac purple are the two shades I like the most.

Quotes – If you’ve looked at my Instagram, it’s clear that I love positive and feel-good quotes. This goes along with my optimistic side. A good positive quote makes my day.

Roses – My favorite flower would have to be a rose. I’m also obsessed with anything rose scented!

Simplicity – I’m a very simple person. I avoid chaos, clutter, and find enjoyment in the littlest of things.

Target – Target is my second home. If I’m broke, blame Target. The new cute room decor? Target. New beauty finds? Most likely from Target. I’m not home? Check Target.

Unique – A word I would describe myself would be unique. I mean, I’m 4 ft tall at 22 years old, deaf in one ear, and I’m left handed. I’m unique and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Visual – I’m a visual person. In school, notes and demonstrations were a must. I also do my best work when I imagine and plan what I want my project to look like in my head first.

Washington – I was born and raised in Washington State!

Xylophone – It’s hard finding a word that starts with X. Anyway, I had a toy Xylophone when I was younger and it was one of my favorite toys.

Youtube – I always end my night catching up on YouTube videos. I also have a YouTube channel!

Zucchini Bread – One of my favorite things to bake is zucchini bread!

That’s some fun facts about me from A to Z! I hope you enjoyed this post. It was super fun to make.

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  1. I bet this was such a FUN post to write !!! What a cool way for your bloggers to get to know more about you !! 💕

  2. Happy birthday! I love this post—it’s so creative and fun. Also, I feel like we have at least 95% of the letters in common, which is also a nice thing to read. Thanks for sharing!

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