My Morning Routine

October 29, 2018


I’ve never really been much of a morning person. I used to love sleeping in and never really started my day until noon. Today, I like waking up early so I can get a good start to my day. I work from home so it can be hard to convince myself that I actually need to get up early but I find that the earlier I wake up, the more productive I am during the day. My morning routine isn’t too exciting but it’s become an important part of my day.

Wake up: 

I set my alarm clock for 8 am every morning just to encourage myself to wake up early. Although, I still love my sleep so I’m guilty of hitting the snooze button more than once. I’m usually totally awake around 8:30 or 9 am.


Check phone notifications: 

I’m not one to jump right out of bed after I wake up so I grab my phone and check my notifications from social media. I’m pretty sure everyone does this. I respond to Instagram comments, Twitter replies, and catch up on group messages.


I finally get out from under my blankets and sleepily make my way to my coffee pot and turn it on. I premake my coffee every night so I don’t have to make it in the morning. It makes things easier. Plus, there’s been too many instances in the morning where I forget either the water or more importantly, the coffee.


Wash my face & brush my teeth:

While the coffee brews, I head into the bathroom. Besides getting a cup of coffee, washing my face and brushing my teeth are something I really enjoy in the morning. It really helps wake me up and I’m one step closer to conquering the day.

The facial products I use in the morning are:

(I provided links if you’d like to check these products out. I highly recommend!)


Plan the day/week out: 

I grab my coffee, a granola bar (I’m not much of a breakfast person) and then I settle on the couch to plan out my day and adjust any plans for the week. Even if I plan on having a lazy day, I like to write down at least one productive thing to accomplish that day. Planning is a big part of my life lately. If I have things written down that I need to do, I find that I actually get things done so that I can cross it off in my planner. I can be quite a procrastinator so this is pretty much a life saver.


Blog Work: 

The next thing that I spend a lot of time doing in the morning is blog stuff. This basically just means I write and plan blog posts, take pictures for blog posts, catch up on other bloggers posts, and promote my blog on social media. There’s actually a lot of work that goes into maintaining a blog but I find it a lot of fun.


I usually spend a few hours working on things for my blog every day, so once I’m done I like to take a break and let my mind relax before I continue on with my day. I usually watch a couple of Netflix shows, play some Sims 4, or read a book. Then the morning is over and it’s lunch time!

I hope you enjoyed my current morning routine! It’s pretty much a ‘work from home’ morning routine. I also have a YouTube channel so let me know if you’d like to see a video version of my morning routine! I think it would be fun to do.

Thank you for reading!


Amanda Burnett

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  1. aww this sounds like me! I been blogging and not really a morning person but now I put an alarm and started getting into a routine too. And it helps me to get a lot done for the day 🙂

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