Reflecting on My September Goals

September 15, 2018


On the first of the month, I made the decision to start coming up with goals that I want to complete that month. This was the first time I’ve decided to really make and follow through with goals. I made a blog post about all of my September goals if you haven’t read that one yet. It’s about halfway through the month already, September 15th to be exact, so I decided to look back on those goals that I’ve made and see where I’m at, if I have completed any already, and what I need to work on.

September Goals

  1. Write a new blog post at least every other day. I was doing really well with this goal and was posting at least every other day if not every day. Lately, I’ve been posting every few days. Life has just been hectic. I’m learning that I should be taking a few days to make sure a post is of quality anyway instead of just rushing to be able to post. I need to come up with a solid blog schedule.
  2. Write a new blog post idea every day. On my original September Goals post, somebody commented and said this may be difficult and that is true. Although, I was able to write down like 15 ideas in one day last week. I’m thankful for other blog posts that give blog post ideas because those are actually very helpful when I’m feeling stuck.
  3. Get a few Avon sales. Sadly, I have not had a sale this month. Well, besides my own that I’m about to order for myself! I’m very passionate about this company so I won’t give up. If you’d like to check out my store, it’s at
  4. Get out of my apartment and go somewhere new. I can check this goal off too! Last week, my mom and I traveled to Vancouver, Washington for the day and it was super fun. It was a two-hour drive but it was totally worth it. √
  5. Buy a book. Well, I couldn’t resist and I bought two. I bought Everyday which is about a person who ends up in a new body every day but he ends up being in love with the same girl. I saw the commercial for the movie and thought I’d read the book first. I started this book already and can’t put it down! The second book I bought is called, You. It’s about a guy who ends up trying to control every aspect of this girls life and becomes obsessed with her. It’s more on the dark side. Stephen King made a positive review so I had to get it! √
  6. Put $10 in savings. I was able to put $20 in savings this month! √
  7. Get 40 blog followers. The day after I made this goal, I reached my goal of 40 blog followers overnight. Right now, I’m at 74 blog followers! I’m so thankful to everybody who reads and follows my blog. I love the blogging community. Everybody is so supportive and I’m making sure to return all of the support. ♥ √
  8. Get 900 Twitter followers. Right now I’m at 980 twitter followers! 20 away from 1k, that’s crazy. My Twitter username is @ ABurnett512 if you’d like to follow me! √
  9. Get 425 Instagram followers. Right now I’m at 390 Instagram followers. My follower count goes way down then goes back up constantly but I know I need to improve my picture quality and my posting consistency. That’s something I’ll be working on. My Instagram username is @ itsamandaburnett if you’d like to follow me on there.
  10. Get 850 YouTube subscribers. Right now I’m at 832 YouTube subscribers.

That’s all of the goals I wrote down for September! It’s only the middle of the month and I’ve realized that I’ve already achieved most of my goals which I’m super happy about. It feels really good checking off a goal that once seemed difficult or nearly impossible. That’s what I love about goals so much. Even if it’s just one goal that you’ve completed, you have a great sense of accomplishment. Now with the goals that I haven’t accomplished yet, I’m just going to work that much harder on improving the quality of my content and be patient. Just because you haven’t completed a goal, doesn’t mean you’re failing. It’s just a work in progress!

Have you made any goals this month? If so, how are you doing? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading! ♥


Amanda Burnett

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