The Girl Behind The Blog


 I’m Amanda Burnett and I’m the girl behind the blog! This is where I’ll be sharing everything that I’m passionate about with my readers. I’m currently 21 years old and I have loved writing ever since I was younger. How young? Like six years old! The only difference is instead of writing about puppies, I’m here ready to talk beauty & lifestyle! As soon as I knew what a blog was, I knew I wanted to have one of my own. A place to share my thoughts about everything I love? Count me in! 

I created this lifestyle & beauty blog because I’m just a girl who is obsessed with everything beauty. I also want to sprinkle a little bit of motivation around everywhere I can because I think we could all use some of that in this crazy world! 

What To Expect On My Blog:
  • Makeup Tutorials 
  • Makeup Reviews
  • Beauty Content
  • Goal Setting
  • Motivation
  • Blog Tips & Tricks
  • Content about my disability
  • And much more!

I hope you enjoy! ♡