World Kindness Day | 10 Acts Of Kindness

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Today is November 13th which is known to be World Kindness Day. Although today is specifically about acts of kindness, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice acts of kindness every day. Even if you’re reading this after November 13th, I have 10 Acts of Kindness that you could do to make somebody’s day a little brighter.

10 Acts of Kindness:

  1. Call a friend or family member and remind them how much they mean to you. Everybody needs a reminder that they’re loved and important.
  2. Pay for the person behind you. If you’re at Starbucks, pay for the order of the person behind you. I’ve seen this done before and it’s an act of kindness that inspires many.
  3. Give a compliment. Whether you’re in a store or if you’re scrolling through social media, giving somebody a compliment could turn a bad day around.
  4. Hold a door open for somebody.
  5. Donate items that you don’t use anymore. If you have clothes that you don’t wear anymore, you can donate them to shelters, for example, to people who would really appreciate them.
  6. Write little notes of positive affirmations and leave one wherever you go. I once found a note saying, “You are loved.” in a bathroom of a grocery store and even though it was random, it lifted my spirits.
  7. Help out around the house. Maybe your parents are very busy and you see dishes in the sink, simply washing them could be helpful.
  8. Bring your workmates some snacks. You can’t go wrong with bringing in some cookies!
  9. Smile at someone. A simple smile can change a day.
  10. Offer to babysit for free. If you know a family member or friend that could use a break, tell them you’ll babysit for a few hours for no charge.

Remember that an act of kindness could be very simple and free. For example, just smiling at somebody could change a day. So let’s go out there and spread a little love and kindness!


Amanda Burnett


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I'm Amanda Burnett. I'm living life with a disability called Sacral Agenesis. I'm only 4 ft tall and will never be able to walk on my own but there's so much more to me than just that. I'm a girl who likes to always see the positive side of things. I'm obsessed with makeup and anything sparkly. My favorite color is purple. Most importantly though, I love to write and share parts of my life with my readers.

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