Avon Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Every Christmas morning, I always look forward to seeing what I have in my stocking. They’re usually filled with lipsticks, travel-sized perfumes, little makeup palettes, and candy! Yesterday, I was on Avon buying my family some gifts when I saw the perfect products for stocking stuffers! I really wanted to share them with you. 

*I do sell Avon so the links in this post are linked to my Avon store.*  




Bath & Body 


That’s it for my Avon stocking stuffer ideas! They have some awesome products for the holidays and almost everything is on sale right now. Let me know what you think!


Amanda Burnett


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I'm Amanda Burnett. I'm living life with a disability called Sacral Agenesis. I'm only 4 ft tall and will never be able to walk on my own but there's so much more to me than just that. I'm a girl who likes to always see the positive side of things. I'm obsessed with makeup and anything sparkly. My favorite color is purple. Most importantly though, I love to write and share parts of my life with my readers.

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