L’Oréal’s Elvive Rapid Reviver Deep Conditioner – Review

When I first signed up for Influenster, I was excited to start reviewing products that I’ve tried. I realized shortly after signing up that you could end up receiving a VoxBox of items for free to review! This, of course, was exciting and I hoped to eventually get that opportunity. I’ve spent months reviewing products just for fun for about a year. Last week, I finally got an email informing me that I was going to be receiving my first VoxBox! Even better, it was going to be a new deep conditioner from L’Oréal Paris. I buy products regularly from this brand so it’s a brand that I love and trust. If you’ve also read my previous hair posts, you know I love trying new hair products. I was so excited!

I received this product a couple of days ago and I went to try it out immediately. This was actually good timing too because I was running out of my other conditioner!

The Elvive line has three deep conditioners, and I received the Extraordinary Oil one. This conditioner claims to be 2x more nourishing than a leading conditioner. It has a 20% conditioning serum and contains Sunflower and Camellia oil to hydrate each strand of hair. I have very thick, wavy, and dry hair so I’m always looking to find a good hydrating conditioner. Also, this conditioner claims to work in only 60 seconds! Most deep conditioners I’ve tried instructs you to leave the product on for at least 3-5 minutes. So this deep conditioner is perfect if you’re a busy person!

My Experience:

After I rinsed my hair with shampoo, it was time to put this deep conditioner to the test! My first impression was that it was a nice thick consistency and it smelled nice. It was very easy to work the conditioner through the ends of my hair and I could already tell that it was going to work well. Even though it says it works in 60 seconds, I did end up leaving it in a little bit longer because I took that time to shave my legs. When it was time to rinse it out, I was very impressed. It came out easily and my hair was already feeling detangled and very smooth. But how was it going to look and feel after it dried? The answer is, alive. So many conditioners make my waves in my hair weighed down. My waves almost looked like curls! It was like my hair was brought to life. My hair was also very soft and smooth! No tangles or frizz.

My final verdict is that this product is amazing. I’m definitely a fan. The price of this conditioner is about $4.99 so it’s a great product for the price!

I did receive this product complimentary for testing purposes but this review is completely truthful!


Amanda Burnett


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I'm Amanda Burnett. I'm living life with a disability called Sacral Agenesis. I'm only 4 ft tall and will never be able to walk on my own but there's so much more to me than just that. I'm a girl who likes to always see the positive side of things. I'm obsessed with makeup and anything sparkly. My favorite color is purple. Most importantly though, I love to write and share parts of my life with my readers.

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