Merry Christmas – What I Got For Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you all are having a wonderful day.

I know I haven’t posted in days but with starting a new job and family coming over for the holidays, I’ve been quite busy!

Last night, I had my first family dinner in my apartment for Christmas Eve!

We had salad, eggplant Parmesan, fried shrimp, and vegan Mac n Cheese! It was the most healthy Christmas dinner I’ve had but it was delicious. My sister became vegan a couple of months ago so she went all out to cook (mostly) everything vegan.

I had the honor of making this huge pumpkin cheesecake! It was delicious.

What I got for Christmas:

My sister started crocheting awhile ago and made me this super cute beanie!

The reason behind the dog presents is that I’ve been planning on getting a puppy soon! I’ve been talking about a puppy for so long and wanting a girl because I’ve only had boy dogs so my mom got me a lot of puppy supplies to help me prepare!

I got lots of bath/pampering items and nice home scents too!

Lastly, I received 3 blankets! That gold background for the pictures is actually one of them! The other side of it is very soft but I think I’m going to be using it a lot for a background for pictures because it’s perfect for it. Then I got two super fluffy blankets that are currently on my bed that I plan on taking a nice Christmas nap with soon.

Overall, this is the best Christmas I’ve had in years. Not because of the presents though. Because of the quality time I was able to spend with my family. Also because I’m just filled with such joy and hope lately.

Tell me all about your Christmas in the comments. I’d love to hear about it!


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Hey! I'm Amanda Burnett. I discovered that writing was my passion when I was very young. Then I became obsessed with makeup and everything beauty related. Once I knew what a blog was, I knew that I wanted to create one of my own. I wanted a place to just ramble about whatever is going on in my life and to talk beauty as well!

10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas – What I Got For Christmas

  1. What lovely gifts! You will be able to pamper yourself so much and that blanket looks really nice. That is so great that your family is supporting you and also encouraging you to get a puppy. So sweet! Do you already know what kind of dog you want to get?

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  2. Your gifts and dinner table look lovely, what a fabulous family Christmas! Mine was the most relaxed I have had in a few years, mostly because we also celebrated the first Christmas in our new home, having moved to a bigger house during summer. We had space to entertain, my daughters have room for all their new toys and craft kits, and I don’t feel stressed about having to keep the place tidy so we can live in it. Cheers! 🙂

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