Creating My Work Area On A Budget

When we finally decide we want to start a blog, we think about everything we’re going to need to get started. If you’re anything like me, you probably thought “I got my computer. Now I just need to learn how to set my blog up.” Then you sit on the couch or your dining table to get started. There’s an important thing we missed.

The space where I did all my planning, writing, and posting was on my couch. The space where I watch TV, take naps, and anything else that wasn’t particularly considered productive. A few months into blogging, I realized how distracted I was getting. I’d write a paragraph then reach for the remote. I’d be working on graphics for Pinterest while lounging and I’d eventually get too sleepy to finish. Maybe working in the area that I don’t normally work isn’t the best idea, right?

I looked around my tiny studio apartment and found a great space that I could get a desk and a chair to fit. My mom came over the next day and I explained my idea and what I wanted to do. I love how supportive she is because she got so excited and took me to the store to help buy everything for my new work area right away.

A Work Area On A Budget

I’m guessing we’ve all looked on Pinterest and seen the expensive home office area’s that we’d like to have. I’ll admit, I wish that could be what I’m about to share with you but this girl is on a budget right now. If you’re able to spend a couple hundred on an office area, that’s amazing! But if you just need a simple and inexpensive area to put your computer and let your creativity thrive, you’re right where you need to be.

The computer desk that I bought can be found in Walmart for $20! It’s on the smaller side which is perfect for my studio apartment but there’s plenty of room for your computer, a lamp, and a planner. If you need even more storage, there are two shelves on the side that are perfect for holding everything you need!

The desk lamp that I bought is also from Walmart for $5. When I got home and plugged it in, I was actually surprised with how bright it is! It’s perfect for when you’re trying to finish a blog post late at night. Girls, it also doubles as a selfie light!

The last thing I bought is an office chair. I went to Goodwill to find the one I have. Goodwill seems to always have an abundance of great and affordable office chairs. I believe I got this one for $10 and it’s perfect.

That’s it! To create my work area, I bought the essentials for a total of $35! Of course, you can buy more decor and supplies that you’d like but my point is you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to create a good workspace!

Should You Set Up A Workspace?

Yes, I highly recommend getting yourself a workspace.

Ever since getting my work area set up, I’ve noticed that from the moment I sit down, I’m much more motivated, creative, and get a lot more done. I feel like I’ve been able to create better content because there are no distractions. If you’re currently working from your couch or dining room table and you’re finding it hard to concentrate, it’s most likely because those spaces aren’t meant for work. You want a space that’s solely dedicated to getting stuff done!

I hope this post was helpful! Let me down below if you currently have a work area or are thinking about setting one up!


Amanda Burnett


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I'm Amanda Burnett. I'm living life with a disability called Sacral Agenesis. I'm only 4 ft tall and will never be able to walk on my own but there's so much more to me than just that. I'm a girl who likes to always see the positive side of things. I'm obsessed with makeup and anything sparkly. My favorite color is purple. Most importantly though, I love to write and share parts of my life with my readers.

17 thoughts on “Creating My Work Area On A Budget

  1. I LOVE this! It just goes to show that you don’t need to spend loads of money on a work area! I think they’re great because like you said, they’re there for you to strictly do work so that’s where you’ll be most polroductive! I need to get myself a work area! 🙌🏼

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  2. I love it! I have the SAME DESK! haha! Balling on a budget! I was actually able to furnish my entire office with the desk and chair from walmart and cute accents from Five below!!! I got a white fur rug for $5 bucks, a lamp, planner decor and a bunch of other office supplies! Dollar tree is really good for little nick nacks and office supplies too!


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  3. It looks really nice and the most important thing is that now you have that special place where you are productive and not procrastinating. You can always upgrade it, make it prettier with some decor, but it is amazing for the start and you didn’t need to break a bank for it. Good job!

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