My March Goals

Hey guys! It’s finally the beginning of March and I’m so excited. Today the sun is out and it’s getting slightly warmer. This year Spring starts on March 20th but I’m already getting some serious spring fever! Spring is my favorite season. We break free from our Winter blues and our inspiration is restored. For most, I hope! On that note, I’m ready to set some new goals for the month. First, let’s look at if I accomplished last month’s goals and what I need to improve on.

Reflecting on February goals:

Looking back on my goals last month, I wasn’t so great on completing my personal goals. I wanted to go through my clothes and get rid of a lot, not buy anything I didn’t need, put $100 in savings and start meal prepping. The only thing that I accomplished was I put money in savings. My sister has been staying with me which has thrown my usual routine off balance. I’m not saying that in a terrible way but things are different when your space isn’t completely yours anymore, you know? She will be moving in her new place in the next week so I’ll be quickly getting back to my usual routine!

As for February’s social media goals, I was very close to accomplishing them all. I started posting on Instagram more frequently and had a goal of 700 followers. I’m currently at 760! For Twitter, I’m close to my goal of 1,600 followers at 1,560. For my blog, I’m 9 followers away from my goal of 300!

My Goals for March

Personal Goals:

For my personal goals this month, I honestly want to accomplish everything from last month’s goals that I didn’t accomplish. Such as going through all my clothes and getting rid of everything I haven’t worn in a long time. My drawers are getting hard to open and close because they’re unnecessarily packed.

Once my sister moves into her own place, that’s when I’ll start meal prepping too. My sister loves to cook so I’ve let her own the kitchen during her stay. Trust me, I’m not even complaining about that either. She makes some good food!

This month and every month, I’m going to continue to put money in my savings. I think that’s a good habit that everybody should do. The biggest thing that I’m saving for lately is a puppy. I’ve been talking about it for a while all over social media but I’m hoping I’ll have enough to bring home my future fur baby in the next few months!

Social Media Goals:

Twitter is my favorite social media platform lately. My goal is to interact with my followers more. I’d also like to try to reach last month’s goal to get to 1,600 followers. I’m currently at 1,561!

So last month, I only managed to get two blog posts up. I was hit with writer’s block and I lost a lot of my motivation to write. I was really irritated with myself because I was finally getting in the habit of posting twice a week. Thank goodness my motivation has returned and I’m ready to get back into the groove of writing! This month, I will be returning to posting twice a week!

For Instagram, my goal is to continue to post at least twice a week and start posting on my Instagram stories more frequently! Let me know if you like watching Instagram stories and what you typically like seeing.

The goal that I’m really excited for this month is *drum roll please* I want to start posting on my YouTube Channel again! I’ve been pretty inconsistent when it comes to my channel and I really want to change that. Let me know what kind of video’s you’d like to see on my channel!

That’s it for my goals this month! I’m going to be working hard to try and achieve each one. If you make goals for yourself each month, let me know what you’re most excited to achieve. I love reading other people’s goals and watching them accomplish them. ♥︎

I left links to my social media profiles throughout my post so if you’d like to keep up with me, come follow along!


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Hey! I'm Amanda Burnett. I discovered that writing was my passion when I was very young. Then I became obsessed with makeup and everything beauty related. Once I knew what a blog was, I knew that I wanted to create one of my own. I wanted a place to just ramble about whatever is going on in my life and to talk beauty as well!

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