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Blogmas Day 7: My December Goals

December 7, 2018

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I love making posts about the goals that I set for myself each month. Usually, I post my goals on the 1st of each month but I got so excited about my other Blogmas posts and kind of put it on the back burner. Oops. Better late than never though! 

Personal Goals: 

  • Try new dinner/dessert recipes. I’ve become so into cooking lately I would love to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to making different foods!
  • Go on a fun day trip with family. Even if it’s just exploring a new town, I love spending that fun quality-time with family.
  • Wake up early. This was on a previous monthly goals post. Yes, I’m still working on it but I’m getting better!
  • Have a photoshoot. My selfie game is pretty strong if I do say so myself but I’d like to have some professional photos that aren’t at arm’s length and at awkward angles. Also for the Instagram, of course. 
  • Put any money that I get for Christmas in my savings. Save, save, save.

Social Media Goals: 

  • Upgrade my blog and have my own domain name! I’m so excited to get rid of the “.wordpress” and have it just be!
  • Start posting on Instagram more. I’ve been doing pretty good at posting once a day for almost a week now but I want to keep that momentum going. 
  • Twitter: 1,310 followers. Currently at 1,281 
  • Instagram: 565 followers. Currently at 549
  • Blog: 200 followers. Currently at 180

Are you following my social media? I will be having my first giveaway very soon and will be posting about it on my Twitter & Instagram! 

That’s it for my goals this month! We’re only a week in and December has already been so crazy. I’m so excited to continue Blogmas. Thank you for reading! 


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  1. It’s great to write your goals down. It makes them much more likely to happen. It also makes for an interesting lookback at the end of the year. I hope you reach all of yours.

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