My August Favorites

August 31, 2018


Every month, I always seem to have new favorite products. Whether that be makeup, skin care, hair care, perfume, literally anything. That’s why in my opinion, “monthly favorite” blog posts and videos are just genius and so fun. When I was trying to come up with a blog post to end this month off right, I got so excited because this is perfect. I’m also trying to take more creative pictures, so that’s fun! Let me know if you like them. Anyway, back to my favorite products this month!

Favorite Skin Care


Skincare has always been huge for me because I have that rough and bumpy dry skin that I often get insecure about. I cannot tell you how much money I’ve spent trying to find a product that helps. I got these Skin So Soft products in my Avon starter kit and when I tried them, I could not believe how soft they actually made my skin. They live up to the name. Yes, I sell Avon products but I would never ever falsely hype up a product if I didn’t think it was as great as I was saying.

The body lotion is not thick and is more on the runny side which I usually tend to stay away from. My first impression was, “Oh no, it’s not thick enough. It’s not going to help my super dry skin.” Boy, was I wrong! This lotion absorbed so quickly and actually left my skin super soft and smooth.

The bath oil is a dream. I’m not kidding. I’m a huge fan of baths and I like them really warm. The only problem with that is, the heat can dry out your skin. Well, with a splash of this body oil, that problem is solved. The oil doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy and actually absorbs! Now I can comfortably take my bath knowing I will step out with very moisturized skin.

The replenishing hand cream is, of course, another must-have of mine. The lotion is very thick and a little bit goes a long way. A lot of the hand lotions that I’ve tried usually don’t absorb very well or it leaves a weird greasy feeling. This hand lotion absorbs pretty quickly and really smooths any rough dry patches!

Favorite Hair Care


The thing about my hair is that it is very thick and very wavy/curly. I try to wash my hair at least every other day but since there’s a lot of hair, there is often a lot of oil. When my hair is oily, that throws everything off so my ‘holy grail’ staple in my hair care is a good dry shampoo.

When I ran out of my last dry shampoo that I wasn’t impressed with, I decided to pick up this Herbal Essences dry shampoo. I haven’t tried a dry shampoo from their brand, so I thought why not. My first impression was that it smelt heavenly. It’s a sweet scent. But the most important thing that I noticed was my hair looked amazing. It brought my waves back to life and my roots were volumized and not weighed down anymore!

This curling defining cream by OGX is a product I’ve been using for a few months now and I love using it when I want my waves to be a bit more dramatic. While it helps define my curls, it doesn’t make my hair sticky or hard which is hard to find in some curl defining creams that I’ve used.

Favorite Makeup Products


When it comes to makeup, it’s hard to really find a favorite when I’m pretty much obsessed with everything I already have but I found a few that I haven’t been able to go a day without.

The NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade Abu Dhabi is my everyday lip color right now. I’m not into very dark lip colors so this mauve pink is the perfect shade for me. As for the texture, I’m in love. It’s so buttery and smooth. The only downside is it doesn’t last on the lips very long so I find myself having to reapply it. It’s still a favorite either way.

The Ciaté London bronzer in the shade Palm Island is such a pretty bronzer. It’s not too dark or intense and perfect for my light to medium skin tone. It’s a great everyday bronzer.

The ‘it cosmetics’ bye bye undereye full coverage, anti-aging, waterproof concealer is the most full coverage concealer I’ve ever used. No exaggeration. I use this concealer not only under my eyes but on blemishes and they pretty much disappear. This concealer is hands down the best I’ve used so far.

Saving the best for last, the Jaclyn Hill palette! I’ll be surprised if another eyeshadow palette can steal my heart like this one did. All of the shadows are so pigmented and blendable. I’ve created some of my favorite eyeshadow looks with this palette. From matte to shimmer, there are the perfect shades for a smokey eye but also some fun blues, purples, and reds.

Well, that’s it for my August favorites! I did include links to the Avon products if you guys are interested in checking them out.

Thank you so much for reading! ♥


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  1. Avon do some great products don’t they! I love a good hot bath too so I could really benefit from the bath oil it sounds amazing. I use a conditioner by OGX and I love it so much, moisturises my hair so well I should really try some of their other products!! The Abu Dhabi Lip Creme is a classssic, I think everyone loves this product! I have been looking for a Bronzer so I might have to give Ciaté London a try, do you know if they are cruelty free? The Jaclyn Hill Palette is on my wish list!! Great post xx

    1. Thank you so much! I love working for Avon because they really do have some amazing products. I just checked out your blog and read your post about the bath bombs! Lots of great products there too! 🙂 Thank you for giving my post a read!

  2. Not everyone posts about Avon product and I feel like they’re not getting enough recognition. Their skin so soft range dry oils are great especially during winter. Also their toiletries products are great must try.

    1. I totally agree! I sell Avon & a lot of people think that it’s just an old company. But they’ve been at this for 130 years! 🙂 I actually have a daily essentials deal full of full sized skin so soft products for only $19.99 right now.

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