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My Pixi Skincare Collection

April 8, 2019


What Attracted Me To Pixi Beauty?

For the longest time, I’ve been seeing ads all over social media for Pixi beauty. Then every time I go to Target, the Pixi section full of their natural skincare and makeup products catch my eye. If you know me, I love trying new skincare products but especially from brands I haven’t tried yet. I knew that I wanted to try their products eventually but when I saw their ‘rose infused’ line, I couldn’t hold back any longer. Anything ‘Rose’ has my heart. Before purchasing anything, I have to do extensive research of the brand and the products. Pixi beauty is all natural and the products have beneficial ingredients for the skin. Products that create a “naturally radiant” look? I’m all in!

The first two products I received at Target are the Rose Oil Blend facial oil and the Rose Glow Mist. 

Rose Oil Blend

 I decided on purchasing the Rose Oil Blend facial oil ($24) because the face moisturizer I was using at that time wasn’t doing enough for my very dry skin. I looked at the ingredients and was pleasantly surprised. There were hardly any ingredients listed that I couldn’t pronounce or understand. This face oil includes sweet almond, jojoba, rosehip, pomegranate seed, and rose geranium oils! This product, along with most other Pixi products, had such great reviews. That night, I put this on and was pleased with how this felt on my skin. I didn’t need more than a few drops! By morning, it was absorbed and my skin looked and felt amazing!

Rose Glow Mist

I purchased the Rose Glow Mist ($12) because I love facial mists in general but the thing that attracted me to this product the most is it claims to be packed with 7 flower oils, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. I’m loving these natural ingredients! You can see all of the oils at the top, you just have to shake the bottle before you spray. The website says you can use this face spray before makeup, after makeup, and obviously without makeup. I had to put it to the test. When I sprayed it before my makeup, my makeup applied well and looked more radiant. When I sprayed it after my makeup, it gave my whole look a “glow from within” look. My makeup stayed put too! On no makeup days, I love spraying this throughout the day to keep my face moisturized and refreshed.

After these two products, I wanted to try more! This time, I went to Pixi’s website to purchase the Rose Ceramide Cream and the popular Glow Tonic. 

Rose Ceramide Cream

I purchased the Rose Ceramide Cream ($24) because as I said above, the moisturizer I was using before this wasn’t working for me. This moisturizer has rose oil and ceramides in it to keep the skin hydrated and plump. When I saw that this was “ultra-rich” I was scared it was going to be super thick. But when it finally arrived and I rushed to try it, I realized that it was rich but at the same time lightweight. A tiny bit of this cream goes a long way. I only need a pea-sized amount to cover my whole face! I also want to note that it smells heavenly. It’s a light scent of roses and citrus. The next morning, my skin was glowing and looked so healthy. I don’t know if it’s related but my skin even seems to be clearing up! This is definitely my new holy grail moisturizer.

Glow Tonic

The last product that I have in my Pixi collection is the Glow Tonic! I actually have tried the mini size a few years ago and remember loving it. Good news, I still love it! It gets any remaining dirt/makeup off and even any dead skin you have sitting on your face! I’ve definitely seen a change in the appearance of my skin after a week of using this. It’s already brighter, my complexion is more even, and my pores are shrinking!

That’s all of the products in my Pixi skincare collection so far! If you’ve tried any of their skincare/makeup, let me know what your favorite products are and what I should try next!


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